This Cat Loves To Babysit Her Human Sister


Most cats easily equate babies to kittens. They are well aware how fragile they are, just as newborn kittens are fragile.

Plus, human kids are a more «equitable» size to cats, and they can relate better. That’s why you get so many videos of cats playing «attack» and «wrestle» with toddlers; to a cat, that’s the very best phase of human life.

To them, it’s like their little humans have become cats themselves and can play like other cats do.

At times, that love may come from a human companion but at other times, it can come from a pet. As a matter of fact, the love shown from pets is one of the greatest types of love!

Back in 2010, this video was posted and it showed a four-month-old baby, named Elliott, and her BFF cat.

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