Formula-1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Scares a Tiger! Her Reaction is Worth Seeing!


The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation has quickly become a favorite destination for celebrities from all walks of life. Everyone from Khloé Kardashian to Debra Messing has made the trek to Mexico to visit — and play with — the sanctuary’s exotic animals.

Everyone at The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation understands the fact that defenseless and selfless animals are suffering because us humans have done the impossible to mess up this beautiful planet of ours. We are fighting to eradicate the idea that a living being can be reduced to a simple object through possession. We only have authority to possess things like chairs, computers, TVs, etc and even those aren’t truly ours. We are raising awareness about how each animal is sentimental, intelligent, and unique. They have a vast array of emotions just like us. The only thing that they don´t do is speak a human language. By giving them love and respect to the extreme, as well as taking care of their basic needs of course.


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